Inoue kougu Co.,Ltd.

Made in Japan

Japan’s reliability, security, and uncompromising insistence

For all people who love to create

We create many, highly original tools, that give form to the quality that their users envisage. Inouekougu provides items for all those who love to create things, from the professional user to the home DIY enthusiast.

Plastic tools that give form to the imagination

We have an extensive range of products that can be used for multiple purposes. It includes our plastic spatulas, which we developed and commercialized ahead of the rest of the industry. Because they are hard and have just the right amount of spring, they faithfully reproduce their users’ intentions.

Our insistence on “Made in Japan”

Our products must offer safety and security for their users. At Inouekougu, we place emphasis on creation from the perspective of the user, and insist on products that are made in Japan, with the high functionality and quality that this entails.

Ease of use born of professional experience

Leveraging the experience of many years working in the field, Inouekougu’s products are completely focused on the work efficiency of the professional. That ease of use, which is born of a focus on the field, continues to evolve today and into the future.